Mission & Outreach


Mission and Outreach Meal: One of the purposes of the Mission and Outreach Committee is to reach out to people locally, nationally, and globally.  We have decided that we will schedule a potluck at our Church each month, and a goodwill offering will be collected at that time. The offering will be designated to a special cause.
Ditch Cleaning: April 24rh...Meet at the Church...EVERYONE...at 6:30 PM. Wear appropriate clothing and boots. Bring gloves.
The Mission and Outreach Committee has purchased 1 share of a cow, 2 pigs, 2 goats, 1 sheep, 3 sets of chicks, and 1 set of honey bees, with the 5th Sunday Potluck money, through the ELCA's Good Gifts ($385). Just think what joy these life-saving gifts will bring some families far away. Thank you for your generous participation. 
Do you need a ride to Church? If you would be interested, please call the Church office at 463-2069.






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